The Municipality of San Teodoro Department of Tourism is very active in the organisation and management of events.

Some of the events they have organised are now regular fixtures over the course of the year. The goal is to allow tourists, and others as well, to make the best possible use of their free time discovering our land.

Sardinia, is a land with a wealth of traditional events, culture, music, theatre, food and wine…

We’ll keep you updated regarding festivals, feasts, concerts, shows, events, activities and all that San Teodoro and our island has to offer during your stay in our apartments.

Among other things, you’ll find crafts and food, the traditional cuisine of the countryside and the sea, as well as the typical artefacts of our region, shaped by the skilled hands of Sardinian artists.

For further details on all the events programmed throughout the year, you can also visit the Municipality of San Teodoro Tourist Office website at:


Eventi Bike Village

Bike Village Events

Eventi in Sardegna

Events in Sardinia

Mercatino Coclearia

“Coclearia” market