Mercatino "Coclearia"

“Coclearia” market

For about twenty years, the “Coclearia” market in San Teodoro has been enlivening nights in the town centre with hundreds of stalls.

In Roman times, the term Coclearia referred to a site about 15 miles from Olbia, which scholars associate with present-day San Teodoro. It comes from “cochlea”, meaning shell, probably in reference to abundance of sea shells in the local area. The shell is the symbol of the market and it is used together with the Municipality banner and the tourism trade mark.

A variety of products can be found in the night market: clothing, soaps, various accessories, wellness products, curios, artefacts of every material and colour, souvenirs and jewellery crafted by the skilled hands of local and foreign artisans.

The stalls are set up along:

  • Via Sardegna
  • Via dei Gerani
  • Largo dei Platani
  • Piazza Gallura
  • Largo Emilio Lussu
  • Via Don Gavino Pes
  • Via San Francesco
  • Via del Tirreno

Each of these streets has been assigned a nature theme typical of the local area to facilitate its identification.

Every evening from June to September, from around 8:00 pm to 2:00 am, the streets in the town centre that host the night market become pedestrian areas. Vehicles are not permitted to enter or even to park.

Book your stay in our apartments and each evening you can stroll among the stalls of the most famous market on the Gallura Coast!