La Cinta

La Cinta is the municipality’s largest and most famous beach. The beach is free and has shallow, crystal clear water and fine white sand. It stretches for about 3 km, as far as the port construction works in the south, and the mouth of the lagoon in the north. You can have a go at kite surfing and windsurfing here, or take a kayak or raft out on the sea. On the beach you can find bars, restaurants, showers and toilets.



Isuledda beach is a little further to the south of the municipality of San Teodoro. It is easy to reach along the old provincial road going to Budoni. The beach has fine white sand and clear water. It is good for snorkelling and has a free car park. The services offered on the beach include: toilets, bars and sun bathing facilities.


Lu Impostu

Lu Impostu beach is in Località Lu Fraili, an area north of the town along state highway 125 in the direction of Olbia. To the north it is bordered by Brandinchi beach, which has very similar features, as you will certainly see. The beach is free and also has sun bathing facilities, and is surrounded by a small lake.


Cala Brandinchi

This beach, often referred to as “Little Tahiti”, due to its similarity to the beaches of Polynesia, is accessible from the Lutturai road junction on highway 125, going towards Olbia. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, with a sandy sea bed, clear waters and a pine forest behind it.

Capo Coda Cavallo

From Capo Coda Cavallo you can see Tavolara Island, emerging from the sea in all its splendour, right in front of the beach. It can be reached from the Lutturai junction on state highway 125 going towards Olbia, and is perfect for windsurfing on the sea. The beach, which is free and also offers sun bathing facilities, remains sheltered on windy days.


Cala Suaraccia

Cala Suaraccia, also known as Farfalle beach, due to its proximity to the Farfalle tourist complex, can be reached from the Lutturai junction, to the north along state highway 125. This cove, which includes a small jetty, is surrounded by juniper and mastic trees typical of Mediterranean shrubland.



The village of Puntaldia, which can be reached from Puntaldia junction on state highway 125, in the direction of Olbia, is where you will find Puntaldia beach, which is separated from La Cinta by the mouth of the lagoon. The beach has, in fact, similar characteristics to the largest and most famous beach in the municipality. In the village there is a marina, a small piazza and a golf course, where you can have coaching sessions or participate in tournaments.


Cala Girgolu

Cala Girgolu can be reached from the Montipitrosu junction on state highway 125, in the direction of Olbia, and it has numerous small coves and cliffs. It features a characteristic granite rock formation known as the Gallo di Gallura. The beach offers a close view of Tavolara Island.