San Teodoro is not just sea and nature, but also culture.

Visit the ICiMar Maritime Museum, the Municipal Theatre and the town’s historical centre.


The town centre

In San Teodoro town centre you’ll find the stalls of the night market, shops, exhibitions, events, nightspots, murals by Luigi Castiglioni, churches, the ExCo and the tourist office, where you can ask for all information you need to get the most out of your holiday.


The Maritime Museum    

Not far from the town centre is the I.Ci.Mar (“Istituto della Civiltà del Mare”) Maritime Museum, featuring archaeological exhibits discovered in the municipality, and the adjoining library, from which you can borrow books and enhance your knowledge about our island. For information on the opening hours of the museum and the library see:


The Municipal Theatre

Another centre of culture, in Via Sardinia, on the outskirts of the town, is the Municipal Theatre, better known as the “Cupolone” (“Dome”) due to its rounded structure. The building is specially designed and equipped to stage theatrical performances, cultural activities, film screenings and musical shows that will brighten up your evenings throughout the year, particularly during the summer season.

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